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International Adoption

Our firm provides legal services and support necessary in the adoption of children, including international adoption. We take extra care to respect the rights and interests of all persons affected by the adoption, especially the interests of the adopted child.

Some Conditions for Adoption of a Bulgarian child:




  1. A Bulgarian citizen, who has turned one and is registered in the Register of the Ministry of Justice, may be adopted by a foreign citizen who has submitted a permit for adoption of a child in accordance with the adoption laws of his home country which is properly recorded in the Register of the Ministry of Justice.
  2. By exception, in view of the medical condition of the child or where other essential circumstances exist, the child may be adopted before turning one, if this is in his/her exclusive interest.
  3. The adoption is complete and admissible only between an adoptive parent and an adoptive child who are registered in the Register of the Ministry of Justice.
  4. The adoptive parent shall be at least fifteen years older than the adoptive child. The law does not stipulate a maximum age difference, but the law of the adoptive parent should also be taken into account.
  5. There is no legal impediment for the adoption of a child by a single adoptive parent, while spouses adopt simultaneously. Twins must be adopted together.







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