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Vladimirov Law Office (“VLO”) is a full-service international law firm with offices in Sofia, Varna and Wahington, DC, USA.
From its beginnings in 1992 as a single lawyer operation to its status as one of the top international law firms in Bulgaria, VLO carries on a tradition of excellence established by our founder, Vladimir Vladimirov.

At that time of the firm’s founding, Mr.Vladimirov was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Bulgarian National Merchant Fleet and Nr.1 national state-ship-owner company Navigation Maritime Bulgare (Navibilgar) ( established in 1882, owning more than 110 ocean vessels, a great number of internationally operated lorries and controlling subsidiary shipping companies in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

In its first several years of operation and in the years 1999 -2006 VLO was professionally engaged with drafting the main new European Commission harmonized laws in the areas of shipping, transport and port-privatization in Bulgaria. The firm has successfully assisted in drafting the statutory and corporative laws and regulations on Bulgarian Maritime and Port Administration, The Merchant Shipping Code and The National Maritime Strategy of Bulgaria.

In the last twenty years VLO has conquered its leading position in all fields related to commercial shipping and finance, insurance, securities, banking, customs and administrative matters through its experience in complex local and international court and arbitration litigation and consulting. Vladimirov Law Office has paid special attention to new and developing legal spheres such as International Franchising, Distribution, Agency and Cyber Law and has drawn in several specialists in these areas. The firm also has serious background in recognizing and executing foreign court decisions and arbitration awards.

Several years ago, Vladimirov Law Office began working for its clients not only in Bulgaria, but also in the United States through its office located in Washington, D.C. – Ensley & Associates, LLC. Our legal team at Ensley & Associates, LLC represents clients in the location of inheritance funds and property located in the U.S., in international disputes regarding child custody, child support, as well as disputes involving the Hague Convention which regulates parental rights in international child abduction cases.

U.S. Immigration Law is an important part of Ensely & Associates, LLC. We have assisted hundreds of Bulgarian citizens in achieving their dream to immigrate to America and start a new life. We have helped many in starting their own business in the U.S. or in buying an established franchise establishment.

As the economy and our clients’ businesses have globalized, so has VLO. What remains constant, however, are the transcending professional and cultural values that distinguish us from other major law firms - our unwavering commitment to client service, excellence, integrity, community service, and diversity, as well as our recognized industry focus and team-oriented approach.

We offer top legal advice for clients operating in the Balkan Region, including local and international companies, as well as public authorities. We combine profound knowledge of the local markets in Bulgaria, Rumania, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey with close cooperation between VLO’s correspondent offices.

VLO is able to render its full legal service to local and international clients in Bulgarian, English, German and Russian. VLO’s lawyers are members of all main local and international professional associations and organizations. VLO has grown quickly by providing top representation to our clients in their international law and trade, franchising, corporate, real estate, international adoptions, litigation, and maritime matters. A number of the world's leading law firms have also selected our attorneys to assist on matters requiring expertise in international dispute resolution.


VLO is a dynamic and modern international law firm advising and representing clients in their legal and business endeavors. VLO is committed to serving every client with excellence, going the extra mile, being entrepreneurial and team work-oriented.

What makes VLO different from its competitors? Its technical excellence combined with commercial insight and its ability to take the most complex questions and provide the clearest answers.
Our lawyers unashamedly love the law. But we understand clients do not want pages on what legislation says. They want succinct answers that achieve their commercial and legal aims. Thus, we use our intellectual creativity to distil complexity and provide clear-cut solutions.

VLO believes strongly in the value of diversity and is committed to recruiting, retaining, and promoting attorneys who reflect the diversity of our society. We believe that a diverse workforce enhances our workplace and improves the quality of the services we provide to our clients. We strive to create an inclusive environment where all of our attorneys can develop professionally and succeed in the practice of law.
We recognize that the ever-changing needs of the business community in the 21st century’s global economy demand recognition of these different experiences as well as new and creative approaches to problem-solving.


VLO has established core values that guide the way in which we conduct ourselves in our relationship with colleagues and clients. Our core values are unyielding; they do not change with time, and they are not affected by market conditions or adjustments to the firm's strategy. We reinforce our core values in everything we do.

  • Commitment to Client Success

We are deeply committed to the success of our clients. We carry out this commitment by providing the highest level of value to our clients through outstanding, responsive, and efficient delivery of legal services.

  • Excellence

We demonstrate excellence to our clients and to each other in everything we do through individual initiative, hard work, and collaboration.

  • Integrity

We maintain the highest personal and professional integrity through our decisions, communications, and actions within our firm, with our clients, and in our communities. We are unfailingly honest with our clients, as well as with each other and follow a strict code of ethics.

  • Respect

We act with respect for each other and for our clients. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace that values different perspectives. We encourage a collegial and vibrant environment that welcomes open discussion in furtherance of our firm's goals.

  • Investment

We invest capital and time in our firm, our people, and our communities.

  • Innovation

We continually challenge ourselves to learn. We value innovation and embrace change that strengthens and improves our firm and our ability to serve clients.

  • Partnership

Being a partner means more than owning a percentage of the firm. We are committed to communicating and operating in an open, productive, and democratic way, as well as to achieving consensus on important decisions.

  • Teamwork

We work together to help our clients, our colleagues, and our firm to achieve success. While we value individual contributions, we believe our best results are achieved when we work collaboratively.

  • One Firm

We make decisions that advance the overall best interests of our firm. We support each other and hold ourselves accountable to one another as citizens of the firm.


VLO has a long tradition of pro bono service nationally, regionally, and at the local level to persons of lesser means and to nonprofit service organizations. The time our attorneys devote to legal and civic pro bono work is valued equally with standard legal services provided to traditional clients. The firm is committed to participating in and supporting pro bono legal and civic opportunities at every level, with attorneys representing individuals, nonprofits and service organizations.

VLO offices are positioned in strategic locations. We draw from our local market knowledge and international capabilities to provide exceptional service and creative advice to our clients. In order to enhance these capabilities, we have formed strategic alliances with colleagues from the following countries among others - UK, USA, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Russia, and Ukraine.



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